Mason Greenstar Inc. offers a variety of green building products comprised of the patented Greenstar BLOX® mixture, as well as products that compliment and are compatible with the building system. The mixture is ideal for numerous construction markets. With process modifications and raw material variances, allowed for in the patent, and simply changing the size or shape of casting moulds; the Greenstar BLOX technology can conform to industry standards for all aspects of precast concrete products.

Interested in Pricing?

Greenstar BLOX are competitively priced, affordable green construction products that are an affordable alternative to conventional bricks and building materials. Residual savings on energy in a Greenstar BLOX home are estimated to be up to fifty percent compared to a conventionally constructed home of equal size.
Construction materials are minimal with Greenstar BLOX. The Greenstar BLOX (10″ x 14″ x4″) are shipped with 156 BLOX per pallet and 2.5 Greenstar BLOX provide approximately 1 square foot of wall space.

– Dry Bagged Greenstar Fiber (for mortar and scratch coat, if desired) Only 2.5 bags are needed per pallet of 156 BLOX
– Greenstar Additive (for mortar and scratch coat, if desired) Only 1 gallon is needed per pallet of 156 BLOX

All that is needed by the customer to complete the mortar recipe is water and 2 bags of Portland Cement Type 3 per pallet of BLOX!


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Check Out Mason Veneers!

Mason Veneers manufactured stone has been molded from natural stone to create an identical copy of the stone’s texture. This results in surface anomalies that add to the overall character of the stone, making Mason Veneers manufactured stone virtually indistinguishable from natural stone.

Product Testing Reports

The Greenstar BLOX® technology, as a manually produced product, has been proven as a viable building system via sustainable building materials in numerous projects ranging from retaining walls to homes. Texas Tech University, a Corporate Partner and equity holder in Mason Greenstar, through the Whitacre College of Engineering has conducted an extensive course of testing on manually manufactured Greenstar BLOX® to make numerous determinations on its viability, uses, and properties. All tests conducted thus far on Greenstar BLOX® have been very favorable and the product has shown tremendous performance.
Check out the files below for all engineering reports.