Greenstar ROX

Lightweight Aggregate



Greenstar ROX™ is a lightweight aggregate for use in concrete and pre-cast concrete. A first of its kind green material generated from post-industrial de-inked paper mill waste streams that normally end up in landfills. The process ties directly into the paper mill’s waste stream, and then is treated and steam dried to ensure a consistent and quality controlled density and absorption rate.
Mason Greenstar, Inc. has completed initial trials and specification processes to optimize and identify applications of Greenstar ROX™. Testing data has shown tremendous results on both the manufacturing and performance sides of the product. When used as a replacement for conventional concrete block aggregates Greenstar ROX™ has shown to decrease unit weight, increase batch yield, and is competitively priced. Greenstar ROX™ has shown potential as a replacement, at various percentages, for traditional lightweight concrete aggregates. Greenstar ROX™ creates an environmentally friendly & lightweight finished concrete product that carries inherent sound properties and higher insulation values than standard concrete recipes


***Please visually inspect a physical sample for color and profile prior to purchasing. ***