Greenstar BRIX

Papercrete Bricks



Mason Greenstar’s patented Greenstar BLOX™ technology has led to the innovation of Greenstar BRIX™. These energy efficient building products are available in both a standard and king size version with various color options. Greenstar BRIX™ have less breakage than traditional bricks and their lighter weight allows the ability to ship more for less cost, thus creating a high-performance building envelope solution. Greenstar BRIX™ are structurally tough and can be used for retrofitting existing structures for added energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. Designed by builders, for builders, Greenstar BRIX™ are laid by course, just like any standard masonry construction, by staggering joints and overlapping corners. With more expedient, advantageous and less wasteful methods than traditional construction, the Greenstar BRIX™ green building product will reduce the use of lumber which results in less job site waste.


***Please visually inspect a physical sample for color and profile prior to purchasing. ***