Greenstar BLOX

Papercrete Blocks



Greenstar BLOX™ is currently the most innovative green building product in the construction industry. What makes Greenstar BLOX™ unique is the “papercrete” composition: blocks are sustainable building materials comprised of recycled cellulose, cement, and a patented blend of organic additives. Not only are Greenstar BLOX™ green building materials, the ENTIRE manufacturing process is green. Mason Greenstar manufactures our products with consideration for the source of materials and use of recycled materials. By using energy-efficient manufacturing methods and reclaiming manufacturing waste, we create eco-friendly building products. Greenstar BLOX™ has undergone extensive product testing, yielding favorable performance results. Its superior strength, coupled with resistance to fire, water, and common pests makes Greenstar BLOX™ by Mason Greenstar the gateway product to revolutionize the construction industry.


***Please visually inspect a physical sample for color and profile prior to purchasing. ***