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Located in Mason, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Mason Greenstar is a company focused on developing and commercializing innovative, environmentally friendly building materials that are competitively priced and can be easily integrated into conventional building projects.

Mason Greenstar Inc., pledges to limit and minimize any negative effects that may be made to the Earth as a result of the gathering of raw materials and resources, manufacturing our green building products, distributing sales materials, and other business activities.

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Advantages of Greenstar Materials

  • Greenstar BLOX provide structural integrity and insulation qualities every building must possess; in a single process.
  • Greenstar BLOX® have always been made from recycled raw materials to protect the planet by diverting would-be waste from landfills.
  • Greenstar BLOX are lightweight – only 8.5 pounds – as compared to the same size adobe block which can weigh over 30 pounds, a compressed earth block weighing 40 lbs, or a lightweight concrete block weighing over 30 pounds.

  • The mortar that is used in stacking Greenstar BLOX® is made from the same material as the blocks themselves.
  • Other wall systems use concrete to fill the open cells or honeycomb spaces. This is usually required to provide structural strength, but the concrete provides a poor insulation value of R-0.9.
  • Greenstar BLOX attach with mortar to the slab, footing, or sub-floor. This forms a monolithic wall system that will stand up against any other masonry product on the market.

  • The same slurry mix used for mortar is also used for the scratch coat. The scratch coat adheres to Greenstar BLOX walls without the need for a metal lathe. At this stage, a finish plaster system is recommended to seal the exterior surfaces. The interior wall finishes are limitless, ranging from earthen clays to paints.

1451 Landfill Road Mason, Texas 76856


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